Website Services Overview

Leadwest provides a complete solution for:
1) medical practices focusing on personal injury cases
2) chiropractors specializing in spinal decompression marketing, personal injury cases or general chiropractic
3) dental professionals who want to expand the cosmetic component of their practice
4) legal firms who specialize in handling personal injury cases.

Our custom and pre-designed website styles are more than just great looking — they run on tested lead generation parameters we developed specifically for our own practice. Leadwest interactive approach at generating new patients automatically from the internet is proven to turn into profits, increasing your bottom line.
Our interactive video form also provides you with a critical element that's missing from all other websites — user contact information. You now have the unique ability to make an warm follow up email or phone call to your web visitor and follow up with a personable and professional manner. Our lead generation system provides a remarkable user experience that lets you engage and entertain web visitors while obtaining crucial contact information and case detail via our video form or virtual consultation forms.

Your Website Should Stick Out
Your website should be interactive and engaging BUT most importantly it should add to your bottom line. Your website needs to be more than just a glorified online brochure it needs to communicate your expertise, provide engaging video content and current information, and it needs to influence each visitor to give you their contact information. That is what Leadwest delivers.

We have provided multiple options that are inside your site, including a video contact form that redirects visitors' contact information to your email and our proprietary virtual consultation form that allows the user to consult with you directly and gives you crucial information regarding the suitability of the clients case.



Your Website Should Bring In Dollars
These interactive forms are designed to generate money for your clinic by drawing out user contact information while also filtering potentially poor clients from time wasting in-office consultations. Leadwest will generate leads that may translate into a higher bottom line and will also streamline your consultation process.Leadwest is continually developing new pages and adding exciting new features that can be added to your website for free. Your website will never get old and stale like other websites!




The Smartphone Revolution
40% of cell phone users have email connectivity on their mobile handsets. In fact, by 2015 , 90% of mobile phone users will have Smartphones’ like, the Apple iPhone, the Google Android phone or RIM’s Blackberry’s. Some smartphone users’ check their email over 200 times per day. Leadwest has designed your website to communicate with a personalized and professional email campaign that reminds your new and existing patients of all your services and specials. The doctors in our network have created and modified our medical and legal email marketing campaigns for you. Be ahead of the pack and your competition and add smartphone communication to your client base with Leadwests’ medical and legal web marketing system.



It's Been Said That "Content is King" Well, Video is Check Mate!
With the advent of, and, video has transformed the internet and changed the type of content people want. Web visitors want video to entertain them. To keep your visitors attention, your website must have video oriented content that is both useful and of interest to visitors. For this reason, each website includes multiple entertaining and engaging videos chosen to complement your marketing strategy and those procedures you determine specifically to increase high ROI procedures or cases.

It's been said that "content is king", and when it comes to search engine optimization this is still true. And Leadwest will fully optimize you website to be relevent for Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. However, to keep your visitors, engaged and obtain crucial visitor contact information, video is the true "pot-of-gold." Furthermore, as new technologies and procedures are introduced to your office, you may require a complete marketing revamp, and so with our system, Leadwest simply swaps the new video to inform and educate all new visitors on your new specialty.

With other websites, we know it would take you days to write textual content for your new specialty, and the design company would charge you to change the text and pictures. With Leadwest, your clinic can target new specialty procedures with and exciting video within 24 hours, and we will do this free. All we do is swap the video and your finished. Never easier.

The best way to experience Leadwest and the next generation in medical, dental, chiropractic and legal marketing websites, is to watch our DEMO. Please click HERE. It takes less than five minutes to see what you need to increase your new case leads.