Features & Benefits

Our website service is like no other in terms of features, options, and flexibility. In addition to having a great looking website, you'll also have video content, virtual consultation forms and followup forms. Your chances of capturing visitors contact information will dramatically go up with these tools. Furthermore, our trained staff offer services to coach your staff on how to warmly and professionally invite these leads into your office. Whether its for a personal injury case, car accident, cosmetic dental smile makeover, spinal decompression consultation or a simple discovery visit.  This level of engaging and interacting with web visitors is only available from Leadwest.

The best way to experience Leadwest and the next generation in medical, dental, chiropractic and legal marketing websites, is to watch our DEMO. It takes less than five minutes to see what you need to increase your new case leads. Sign up HERE to watch our DEMO

Some key features and benefits of our service:

Impressive, high — quality site designs
Our Leadwest design team is the best in the country. We create stunning websites with graphical designs that look both stylish and professional. Our websites will truly compliment your professional image.

Click here to see our Spinal Decompression Marketing
Click here to see our Dental Marketing and Virtual Consultation form
Click here to see our Personal Injury Medical Marketing Interactive Website
Click here to see our Auto Accident and Whiplash Legal Marketing Website
Click here to see our Chiropractic Marketing Website


Engaging Video Content
Many web visitors will scan your site in 4 seconds and if they have not found what they are looking for they will return to the search engine and select the next website. At Leadwest, our goal is to getyou the visitors contact information. At this point the website has functioned the way it is designed. So although our competitors are increasing the catalogue of pages they include, at Leadwest, our approach is completely different. Leadwest website approach is to engage them with a video or direct them to our virtual consultation. Each approach will give you the contact information to make a personalized and professional follow up. The rest is up to you.



You be the Director
Our marketing is also flexible and scaleable. If you decide to specialize in a new procedure of client base, Leadwest simply adds in another brand new entertaining and news worthy video. Furthermore, if there is a certain season, like wedding season, where many dentists target weddings, we can add a smile makeover video for the summer months to incorporate your marketing. If you are a legal firm specializing in car accidents, we can add a second video on the dangers of winter driving and notify all your subscribers via email to watch the new driving video. All done within 24 hours.


Visitor Contact Information
At Leadwest, we know your strength is with face to face communication. So we remove the catalogue of text and distractions from our sites so visitors can find what they want. Our text content is relevant and concise because we want your visitors to sign up to watch the video and give you their contact information. So too many pages and text will get them lost in the site and leave without giving you their email or phone number. Let's face it — contact information is what you need to invite them to visit your facility for a consultation. This will bring dollars to your door.

Exclusive Lead Generation technology
Magic is the best word to describe our Lead Generation technology. Only Leadwest offers such a powerful user virtual interface that gives your visitors the ability to visually convey their pain or injuries. No more massive forms to type. Just click and drag the mouse, click the submit button and your staff will have an exact picture representation of the visitors case or condition. Visitors find our virtual consultation forms simple and easy to use with a "point & click" ease. Nobody but Leadwest offers this ability. Want to see it in action? Click here to see the virtual consultation live.

Personalized Email Campaign and Newsletter
Never let a new lead get cold. Our video contact form will automatically sign up visitors for a series of professionally designed and educationally themed emails that will entertain and educate your visitors. Since, some visitors may not need your services immediately, so Leadwest will periodically send them an email so they will have your clinic information always available when they are ready to utilize your specialized services. Also, some visitors may be searching for your services for a friend, neighbor or family member. Our periodic emails will allow your visitors to quickly forward your professional emails to those friends, neighbors or familiy member... automatically. Sign up HERE to watch our DEMO and see our email campaign in action.


Search engine optimized site design
Search engine optimization is critical for good positioning on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bong. If your website isn't designed in a search engine friendly format, the search engines will not index your site properly, or even worse, simply ignore your site! There is an art to good website design, both visually and hidden within the code. Leadwest has the expertise to make sure your website is both beautiful and search engine friendly. Top search engines are constantly changing how they index websites, so the Leadwest team will continually monitor developments and strategies to make sure your website is at its very best.


Google Map and Location
We've made it easier for new patients to find your office with an integrated Google map that automatically displays a location map and allows visitors to get driving directions right to your door.

Geo-targeted META tags
Certain "META tags" are important for proper description of your practice on search engine results pages. This is why Leadwest automatically generates a "Description Meta Tag" and includes it within the hidden source code of your website where search engine spiders (or robots) can easily read it. All Leadwest websites are search engine optimized using the latest techniques to help drive your website towards the top of the list.

Business — class website hosting
Not only does your website have to look great and have excellent content, but it also needs to be up and running when people try to visit it! Leadwest provides rock solid business-class website hosting as part of our total service to you. Leadwest has a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that provides hardware redundancy, daily backups, secondary power supplies and multiple fiber data carriers to keep your site up and running. We also have powerful firewall security and antivirus protection in place to provide a strong level of defense against hackers and malicious viruses. All of this is included with your Leadwest subscription.


Free domain names
Every Leadwest account includes free domain name registration and annual renewals. If you already have a domain name we can point it to your new Leadwest website at no additional charge. Leadwest can even point multiple domain names to your website if you want to use additional "keyword — centric" domain names to help you with search engine placement strategies.


Free customer service and support
Excellent customer service is the hallmark of any great services company, and Leadwest is dedicated to providing our members with outstanding service. We appreciate your business and are always willing to provide assistance. We can be reach toll free over the phone, or by email and our Live Online Help system.



Detailed Lead statistics
Leadwest sends integrated site lead statistics to provide our members with detailed statistics on how many leads have submitted their information when they watch the video. This way, you have an idea of how your front staff is doing in handling warm follow up calls, scheduling and inviting clients in to your office.


Multiple pre — designed page options
We have pre — designed several pages that will be instantly added to your website at the click of a button. Each page has been carefully designed by Leadwest engineers to maximize visitor experience and usability. We have even provided professionally written content to give your website a completed look and provide useful information that visitors will appreciate.

Growing selection of site styles
In addition to designing custom websites, Leadwest also offers a growing selection of "pre — designed" website styles that you may choose from. These pre — designed styles are more affordable than a custom website, but they are just as stunning and have all of the same features and options. These pre — designed styles provide all of the same features and options of a custom website at a reduced price. If you can't decide on whether to go with a pre — designed style or to have us design a custom website for you, you may be best starting with the pre — designed style.

Custom site design options
In addition to the growing selection of pre — designed site styles that are included as part of our service, we can also create for you a completely customized site style for an additional one — time fee. Our website design team is the best in the country and our site designs are both stylish and professional. If you decide later that you would like a custom website design, we can do that for you and transfer over all of your content and preferences into the new custom style we design for you.

New enhancements added regularly
At Leadwest, we are continually working to develop new pages and features that will add exciting new functionality to your site. The good news is we are always working to deliver new enhancements, pages, options and site styles to choose from. A Leadwest website will never be outdated.