Frequently Asked Questions

Leadwest offers the most advanced website solution available for medical, dental, legal and chiropractic professionals. Thanks to our exclusive Lead Generation technology, your website will have an amazing set of features and options not available with anyone else. Below are some common questions and answers about our innovative website service. Please contact us if you have additional questions or would like to talk with us about what Leadwest can do for your business. We're always ready to help.

- How is Leadwest different than other website design firms?
In short, Leadwest websites are designed to bring you money. In addition to creating the best looking and most functional websites in the country, each website we produce is built upon our exclusive Lead Generation technology. With our service you'll have a website that is dynamic, rather than static, and your website will include advanced features not found in any other websites. Furthermore, Leadwest websites are designed to give you contact information witch can translate into dollars. Remember, “Statistics can deceive but leads translate into dollars.” Our websites are designed to bring you money, not stats.

- What do you mean by "Lead Generation" technology?
Our Lead Generation is a powerful new technology that enables you to contact visitors who watch your video or fill out the virtual consultation form. By combining a news worthy video with a contact form, visitors must submit their information to view the video ie. prize. This phone number and email address information is immediately emailed to your staff or your blackberry/iphone so your follow-up can begin within minutes after the visitor has finished watching the video.

- Does Leadwest provide and email-campaign?
Our video contact form will automatically sign up visitors for a series of professionally designed and educationally themed emails that will entertain and educate your visitors. Since, some visitors may not need your services immediately, so Leadwest will periodically send them an email so they will have your clinic information always available when they are ready to utilize your specialized services. Also, some visitors may be searching for your services for a friend, neighbor or family member. Our periodic emails will allow your visitors to quickly forward your professional emails to those friends, neighbors or familiy member... automatically.

- What is the Virtual Consultation ?
Our virtual consultation form simplifies the tedious visitor interface most websites have of describing their situation. Leadwests' virtual consultation form is quick and easy for the visitor and informative and efficient for the clinic staff. Simply point and drag icons to the respective diagram and click submit. Immediately, the clinic is informed that a user has submitted a form and you are emailed a picture of the visitors injuries and case. You really need to see it to believe it. Click here to see our Virtual Consultation in action!

- Is Leadwest more expensive than other websites?
No, but it should be! First, our website designs are absolutely stunning and include stylish design elements found in only high — quality websites. Plus, every website is powered by our Lead Generation technology and Virtual Consultation forms. It took us over four years to develop and fine tune this amazing interface, and your website will enjoy all the benefits as part of our service. With Leadwest, you'll have a dynamic, feature rich website for less than what you could expect to pay other design firms. And dont forget, our website have a track record of generating income for your clinic.

- Can Leadwest design a unique website style just for me?
Absolutely! For an additional one-time fee, our talented design team can create a completely custom website for you. Whether you want a certain look, special colors, custom photos, your logo added to the design, or anything else, you name it — we can do it. To start, we first talk with you any specific ideas you might already, colors you like, and any special needs you have for the style of your website. Our designers then create three unique image comps (sample images) of websites styles to give you different directions we can move forward on. From there, you choose which of the three you like and our design team will continue finalizing the chosen design. Your finished site will look fantastic, but more importantly, it will function differently. Leave your competitors in the dust.

- If I have Leadwest design a custom website for my practice, will it still have all of the features and benefits of your Lead Generation technology?
Absolutely! Every website we design is powered by our Lead Generation to give you an amazing set of features and options you can only get from Leadwest.

- Does Leadwest also host my website, or do I need to find a hosting provider?
Leadwest is a full service website solution and we host all websites as part of the service we offer. In order for your site to have all of the features and benefits of our Lead Generation technology, we need to host the site on our servers where the Lead Generation is located. Your website will need broadband speed for the videos to upload quickly so none of your visitors have difficulty viewing them. It is for these reasons, we spend more on our hosting so your visitors get what they expect when they visit your site.

We also happen to have one of the best network infrastructures in the country. Our data center has redundant hardware, firewalls, antivirus, backups, alternate power supplies, multiple data carriers, and more. We've done everything we can to ensure your website is up and running when visitors come to see it. We also provide free domain names, free email accounts, and free customer service and support. Now that's full service!