About LeadWest

Leadwest, Inc. is a talented team of health professionals, software developers, graphic designers, and marketing experts, who have come together to create the world's most advanced website solution for medical, dental, chiropractic and legal professionals. Founded in 2006, Leadwest invested over four years in the research and development of their proprietary Lead Generation technology, which enables the most feature-rich, graphically compelling websites to be easily controlled from a simple "point & click" interface. No other websites have as many options and features as a site designed by Leadwest.

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"The beginning is the most important part of the work." — Plato
Leadwest was a brainchild of our founder, Dr. R.K Aurora who had little money for TV. He understood the importance of video, but also recognized the importance of obtaining the contact information. As his practice grew solely due to his online presence, other specialists’ sough his marketing program and expertise. To date, Dr. Aurora has generated over 6000 leads for over 50 clients in three years. These leads have translated into dollars for each clinic and has given him high praise from his clients.

Statistics can lie, but Leads translate into Dollars.
If your website is generating 1000 hits a day and the phone of your clinic is not ringing, there is a huge problem. Our founder recognized this early and decided to pattern his website to obtain the visitors contact information. With each potential patient watching a news worthy video, their contact information was redirected to the clinic. Within seconds the visitors contact information is emailed to you or your staff. We usually recommend to contact the visitor within 24 hours and invite them in for a discovery visit. If the candidate meets the doctors criteria and the patient feels comfortable, the business bottom line increases if the client signed on. All this happened while your competitor is still waiting for phone to ring because he didn’t see the value of the obtaining the contact information. Release your self from the barriers in front of you.


Using Video to leverage
In todays world, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC among others create buzz and lend a tangible credibility to certain procedures and products. Similarly, these news snippets that are produced educate professionally and impact the viewer. By impacting your viewers with news worthy videos, you are also seen as the credible expert in your area due to the multi-million dollar branding associated with these news companies.
Even historically print media outlets as the Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle have multiple levels of video content within their respective websites to invite and keep viewers. They understand the power of video to draw the visitor into their site. At Leadwest, we have learned from the big media centers and we can translate these tool to your clinic.

Please watch our video DEMO and contact our consultant to see if your clinic can benefit from our marketing style.