Chiropractic Solution
LeadWest Chiropractic Marketing Will Give Your Clinic New Patient Leads With Our Proven System of DIRECT, CONNECT And ENGAGE. All You Have To Do Is Call and Schedule. Its That Easy! Chiropractic Marketing Is Now Comprehensive And Turn Key With LeadWest System.
The LeadWest Chiropractic Marketing System Will CONNECT Your Office With New Leads.
The LeadWest Chiropractic Marketing System Will ENGAGE Your Patients Professionally and Automatically.
Chiropractic Website Marketing
Chiropractic Lead Generation
Leadwest can customized Chiropractic marketing for all clientele, including spinal decompression, laser, personal injury, workers compensation, subluxation or wellness practices’. Our internet Chiropractic marketing system and video lead generation forms will be customized to your chiropractic marketing, medical patients and specialties’.
Virtual Consultation Form
Chiropractic Marketing Delivers Daily
Chiropractic Daily Lead Creation
Your customized Leadwest chiropractic website will harvest from thousands of keywords search terms we determine are highly searched for your geography. Patients interested in beginning Chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, sports therapy, stretching therapy, laser therapy, spinal decompression therpay or massage therapy will be directed to your customized website to watch a news worthy video or fill out the virtual chiropractic consultation form. Our motivation is to have them interact with your office via a video or form so you can take the next step and invite them in your office for a follow up consultation or discovery visit.
Search Engine Marketing  
"What Good Is Your Website If Nobody Can Find You?"
Patients and their families’ are searching for a Chiropractic doctor 24/7/365. And your specialty practice need marketing that addresses this need. Your Chiropractic website needs to be well placed and highly visible. Placing your website is time consuming and costly - UNTIL NOW. Leadwest now integrates search engine marketing and search engine optimization for your Chiropractic website and Chiropractic marketing program. Only with LeadWest, your Chiropractic website be HIGHLY VISIBLE and well-placed.
Email Marketing Campaigns and Email Broadcaster  
"Never Let A Good Lead Get Cold!"
LeadWest has already created your automated and customized Chiropractic marketing follow-up emails... so we follow up even if you forget for a full calender year! And we are ready to send them out today! LeadWest has already created a set of emails designed to interact with leads with customized offers for your chiropractic facility.
"Never Let An Existing Patient Forget You!"
LeadWest email campaign can similarly act as a patient re-activation tool. Simply enter all your existing patients email addresses into your website email folder and your customized email broadcaster will send out regular updates to all existing patients. We have already customized offers specifically for your existing patients for check-ups and follow ups. Let us do the work. We already know that some back pain candidates may decide Personal Injury is their best alternative one, two or three months later. Don’t let this lead get away.
Set Up, Administration and Expansion
"Never Stop Before You Start!"

Starting A Marketing Campaign Has Never Been Easier. LeadWest Will Purchase Your Domain, Host Your Site, Set Up Your Account and Create and Arrange Your Content. Just A Few Clicks Away From Start To Finish.

"Never Worry About Calling!"

LeadWest Values Customer Loyalty and This Offers Unparalleled Customer Service. Period. Your Emails And Phone Calls Will Always Be answered Within 48 Hours. Our Promise To You.

"Never Worry About Growing!"

Your marketing system is based on video interaction. If you add a new specialty to your clinic, we add a news worthy video giving you instant credibility in your community...all within 48 hours of your request.