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Leadwest Brings Success to Your Practice DAILY!
Does your chiropractic, dental, legal or medical practices have a website and online marketing strategy? Leadwest offers the most innovative medical websites in the field and our marketing solutions and have improved generated new patient leads for chiropractors needing new and spinal decompression patients; dentists needing cosmetic patients and new patients; lawyers and doctors specializing in personal injury and car accident cases. Find out how our customized medical, attorney, dental and chiropractic websites, advertising and marketing campaigns, and other products and services can help you convert Internet users into patients and generate more money to your bottom line.

We invite you to explore the marketing philosophy of Dr. Aurora. Direct people to your medical website. Engage them with a news worthy video. Connect with your visitors with a phone call. DIRECT ENGAGE CONNECT... Please watch our demo on Leadwests' marketing strategy. Let us build your practice one lead at a time.